did you know? Free of charge, at any time, a doctor’s reach

Schon gewusst? Kostenlos jederzeit einen Arzt erreichenI’m every day on the Internet, to surf regularly the various websites on the subject of nursing, health, and Co, to present to you here are always interesting stories from our nursing world. Today I stumbled across a phone number that I knew, but you would also like to show:

The medical on-call service 116 117

Since a few days is connected in (almost) the whole of Germany a new phone number. 116 117 (without area code) can be reached free of charge to the medical on-call service. Everywhere in Germany, but then, Doctors who treat in urgent medical cases, outpatient help . The special feature of this offer is that it applies only then, if you can’t even go to the doctor (so on weekdays), but especially on weekends and holidays. And also at night.

Schon gewusst? Kostenlos jederzeit einen Arzt erreichenThe number works, as I said, without the area code and Germany soon. “Soon,” because it is currently available in four States (Baden-Württemberg, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse) deficits in the introduction. In the next few months, the Problem should be fixed. The phone number is free, by the way – no matter whether you call from a landline at home or cell phone.

How does that help me the number 116 117?

You know for medical on-call service, possibly under names such as “medical emergency” or “emergency service”. The phone number was now centralized the point of contact.

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116 117 you can call when you have a disease, you would consult in the normal case, a resident doctor in the practice, but the treatment due to medical reasons until the next day can wait. In any case, you may confuse this number with the emergency number 112.

I think it is always good to know such a number, and hope I could you help today (again) something rich and current reports. For more info on the number you’ll find under

Late addition: thanks Indra, I am aware that the number is not 24h on each day, but regular (reasonable) times. All the information is on the bottom.

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