dental problems in old age: implants or dentures?

Zahnprobleme im Alter: Implantate oder Prothesen?People in need of care are often sought by many diseases. Also dental problems are widespread: The own teeth are unable to function, down or sick. So you need to decide many seniors, whether you prefer a prosthesis or implants, to restore a functional Dentition. However, in many cases, it makes sense to put both on implants as a prosthesis. How can such a combination?

The first choice of prostheses: Rare

Previously, the prosthesis was for many seniors, the first choice. Even the last teeth were pulled – free after the Motto: What’s gone can’t cause any more problems. However, this approach does not go a lot of spared from dental problems, because a toothless jaw begins to shrink. Therefore, the full denture is prescribed today only, if it must be held no teeth and is actually the best method of treatment. However, a full denture has to be supported on the alveolar ridge mucosa, which is often gets a rubber-like contact feeling and unstable feeling. Therefore, many dentists try to find Alternatives to avoid.

Tooth set, combined with your own teeth

The remaining teeth are healthy and expected to remain so, you can be in the dental planning process. Often you will be provided with crowns, and are used to stabilize a prosthesis. A lot of such “arrow” teeth present in the mouth, feels the prosthesis as often as your own Teeth, because the prosthesis does not have to be of the alveolar ridge mucosa.

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What can implants modern dental?

Zahnprobleme im Alter: Implantate oder Prothesen?Your own teeth are not enough to stabilize the prosthesis, can implants be used. It was only in the 50s of the last century, the form of treatment was developed with the use of implants. Since then, this modern dental improved set of constantly Active implant surface for a fast healing. This is achieved by more and more bone to accumulate in cells and so rapidly a more stable tooth replacement. The research, however, goes a step further: in the Future, biological surfaces to have anti-inflammatory properties and, therefore, the oral health support. A treatment with implants is for many seniors an Alternative to the partial denture. However, the individual Situation will determine which tooth replacement is the best option.

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