dementia – causes, symptoms and care

According to a recent survey conducted by the DAK, most of the Germans are afraid of a dementia disease in old age. This is a disease in which nerve cells and nerve cell contacts are reduced. Different symptoms of dementia occur. Doctors distinguish various types of Dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s dementia is widespread.

Demenz – Ursachen, Symptome, Pflege

Causes of dementia

The causes of dementia are very different. For example, disease can be genetic reason for the CADASIL disease. Similarly, the smallest vascular changes may be responsible for ensuring that it comes to capillary loss and / or disturbance in the barrier between the bloodstream and the Central nervous system. As a result, the mass transport is hindered. In the result, it comes to the typical symptoms of a dementia. Other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease can trigger if a dementia. The latter is referred to as Parkinson’s dementia. In principle, it can be assumed that in the case of dementia, more and more nerve cells.

Increase in risk in the age

Rarely break dementia from diseases already in the age between 40 and 65 years of age. Thereafter, the risk for dementia increases. Up to the age of 70. Years of age are affected by approximately 1.2 per cent of all the people. In the over 80-year-old, the dementia rate is about 13 percent. Of the more than 90-year-olds, almost 35% suffer from dementia.

Symptoms of dementia

In most cases, minor memory lapses that occur with dementia. The Affected misplace items, forget appointments or to answer questions multiple times. The logical Thinking go, the Knowledge of their skills, as well as the Can lost. Strikingly, a mono sound is a figure of Speech, word-finding is impaired. The vocabulary is becoming poorer and can get lost. Also the physical skills. In the advanced stage it is the Affected is no longer possible to cope with the simplest of everyday tasks. The control of body functions is lost in the last stage of the disease. Nevertheless, the perception for feelings, and your Feelings will remain Affected for very long. The environment reacts inappropriately to your disease, you suffer. It is not uncommon for the expression of depression or aggressiveness.

Proper care in dementia

As already mentioned, results in an incorrect or neglected care in Dementia to further problems such as aggression or a rash Close to the environment and familiar people. However, the possible long-term Integration in a familiar environment is very important. It comes to get through a targeted Training of existing skills for as long as possible. In addition, a corresponding movement contributes to the program, the physical Fitness lasts longer. Control or need help dementia patients with the use of medication, food intake, and body care.