deafness : it can affect at any age !

The loss or diminution of the heard more commonly called deafness is a pathology, see a disability, which can touch the human being at any age.

It causes and degrees differ, so the various aids to remedy fully or partially.

La surdité : elle peut toucher à tout âge !

The causes of deafness

There are several causes of deafness in Humans who have a variety of implications (total or partial loss of hearing).

Among them one can cite : the genetic causes or congenital, the presence of an alteration in the level of the organ of hearing (inner ear or external), some ear infections, accidents, aging or even some blockages.

These causes can reach the individual at any age, and according to them we can observe the degree of disability varied.

The different degrees of hearing loss

The degree of the hearing loss varies in function of several criteria, among them : the part of the organ of hearing affected, the duration of the malfunction…

We talk about hearing loss when we perceive a difference between the minimum sound level perceived normally (also called normal hearing threshold) and the level perceived by the affected individual.

These levels are calculated in decibels (dB) knowing that we are talking about normal hearing when the average loss is between 0 and 20 dB.

We can distinguish 4 degrees of disabilities :

– the mild hearing loss : with a loss of between 20 and 40 dB.

– hearing impairment medium : with a loss of between 40 and 70dB.

– hearing impairment-severe : with a loss of between 70 and 90 dB.

– the profound loss : with a loss is greater than 90dB.

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With the progress of science there are different way to remedy the deafness.

The question is : What hearing aid to choose ?

Hearing aids

In France only 15% of deaf or hearing-impaired are fitted. However, the hearing aid continues to evolve, it is increasingly adapted in function of the age or type of deafness.

Indeed there is : the audioprothèses in-the-ear, in-ear, my glasses and hearing equipment to be opened, or the operation in some cases.

Deaf people can finally break out of their isolation !

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