contracts häusl. psychiatric nursing

Surely you know that you could provide as a home health care service, psychiatric home health care. However, despite the claim of the sick people home psychiatric nursing by your health insurance and the desire of the majority of diseased individuals in a familiar social environment to remain, the absence of the supply structures. Because there are currently very few care services providing psychiatric nursing care. This is because many health insurers the conclusion of contracts with skilled nursing services on the domestic psychiatric nursing suspended or controversial requirements of the Nurses.

Training was defined in a report

With the assistance of a court of the Bundesverband privater anbieter sozialer Dienste e. V. (bpa) is now a report presented to the on the basis of international Standards , the requirements of a further education of nurses and their scope defined. The report “Outpatient and community-based care of the mentally ill people,” combines the results in a Curriculum, to the future of psychiatric care professionals qualified . Was the advice of the University of Witten / Herdecke. The care scientist Harald Haynert has, with the involvement of national and international Curricula, the nursing education, the scope of the additional qualification in psychiatric outpatient care specialist nursing with 320 hours of instruction .

Conclusion: Now, can the health insurance companies finally, contracts with skilled nursing services on the domestic psychiatric nursing to complete. The report provides information about the training requirements of the nurses in psychiatric in outpatient nursing.