contact lens – General information

Contact lenses alternative tools are to be used for the correction of vision instead of a classic pair of glasses. We distinguish between rigid (hard) and soft lenses, which are usually made of plastic and on the delicate tear film “swim”. In addition to breathable plastic lenses, there are also hydrogel lenses and silicone hydrogel contact lenses which comprise a hydrophilic Polymer, water and, if necessary, silicone shares.

The difference between dimensionally stable and soft contact lenses is mainly due to the habits of the wearer. In sporting activities by many opticians and eye doctors rather soft and with daily use (in everyday life) rather hard recommended lenses. One advantage of hard lenses is that, although these in the adaptation and acquisition value of more expensive, less often need to be replaced as soft lenses. For the close to uninterrupted Wearing of contact lenses, silicone hydrogel lenses have proven. They are extremely breathable assets and thus prevent swelling and dehydration of the cornea.

As the ultimate all-rounder model, the Pure Vision proved at the end of 2010 2 HD lens from Bausch & Lomb in the USA. The abbreviation “HD” is really for “High Definition”, what you want to emphasize the extremely comfortable to wear. Anyone interested in more detailed information about this lens brand click would like to inform simply on PureVision.

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In the meantime, many false can vision with contact lenses mending, some even better than with a conventional pair of glasses. But no matter what type you lens decide, it is definitely a competent consultation should be carried out by an optician! Similarly, it is recommended a contact lenses price compared to start.