constipation / constipation

Causes of constipation

The constipation may have various causes. The most common functional disorders; the function of the intestine is changed. The most common cause of functional disorders is a combination of low fluid intake, too little fiber in the diet and low physical activity, and pregnancy and lactation.

A more common cause of irritable bowel syndrome. Not rare also intestinal diseases such as colon / rectum cancer, metabolic diseases such as thyroid under function (hypothyroidism) or various drugs are the cause of the constipation.

To what are the symptoms of a blockage is identified?

Because the stool is constipation is usually very hard, there is often pain during bowel movements. The fear of the pain can lead to the suppression of the defecation stimulus. This, in turn, leads to the deterioration of the constipation. Furthermore, one has a Bloated stomach.

The process of defecation

The bowel movement it is called in the jargon “defecation”.

The process of bowel movement can be suppressed – unlike the water – for a longer period of time. The process of defecation runs reflector and is arbitrarily influenced, similar to the process of urination. A Reflex is an involuntary expiration of the end of the body in response to a trigger stimulus. In this case, nerve endings that respond to stretching, the spinal cord respond that the rectum is filled. A discharge can only occur if a decision of the cerebrum arbitrarily the external sphincter relaxed.

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