Complement capillaire and hair transplant : what are the differences ?

More than one French out of five suffers from problem of hair loss. Baldness is also reaching men and women. Many factors promote the loss of hair, which could create a real handicap. Different ways to solve this problem. Patients can use a temporary solution such as the use of fake hair or choose a permanent solution as the capillary surgery or hair transplant. What is the difference between the implant capillary and the hair transplant ?

What are the causes of hair loss ?

The baldness is due to several factors, including the excess hormone. The adenoma which is a male hormone has an influence on the hair cycle. It promotes the regrowth of hair. However, the number of cycles is limited and after several falls and regrows, you eventually become bald. The women in the phase of ménaupose can be prone to baldness, because they secrete hormones androgens at this time. Stress can also contribute to the hair loss. Baldness can be due to heredity. This is what the experts hair called androgenic alopecia. In this case, the baldness may appear at the age of 25 years.

The add-in capillary

Hair loss affects more and more men and women. This prevents the most to have a beautiful hair, which is a real asset of seduction. The add-in capillary appears today as one of the best solutions to fight baldness. It is a technique of camouflage is very effective, which allows a hair to the natural look. For people who wish to increase the volume of their hair, the add-in capillary is also an excellent choice.

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Hair contact are part of the add-ins hair the most used. Their advantage is that they are invisible and allow you to have natural hair. Even if it is necessary to recognize that the add-capillaries have many potential advantages, one must not forget that their life span is limited. They generally last between 3 and 4 months. Their maintenance is also very important to ensure their brilliance and their life.

The hair transplant

This technique involves taking the hair on the nape of the neck, where the risk of falls are less frequent, for grafting on the bald of the head. This allows you to replace lost hair. The capillary Transplant is done under local anesthesia and requires no hospitalization. In other words, the hair transplant is to redistribute the capital capillary on the surface bald. The techniques of grafts are commonly known as micrografts and ultra-micro-grafting, which can cover a large area.

In contrast to implant hair, the hair transplant does not regain the hair density. It is just used to hide baldness. Hair transplant surgery does not require follow-up protocols post-processing. The results will be approximately 12 months after the intervention. The hair transplant is not possible if the donor area is sufficient, because the hair is taken and transplanted do not grow back.