compensation for the nursing profession: If I run, it runs better

A work / life balance is important for a healthy Work-Life Balance is one of the basic attitudes of our time. I think this is a goal that is not so easy to achieve. In addition to the actual reduction of stress, which brings with it the life, it is a further object to decide and to try out what will bring in the short term in addition to discharge.

Stress in the nursing profession

The basic problem in the everyday life of a nurse in a concise and provocative shows: too little time for too many patients, too little staff due to a lack of money. I can’t change. Nevertheless, this Situation is distressing to me. I don’t always go home satisfied. I am also sometimes concerned with in the evening, and then I unbalanced, stressed, and am still dissatisfied. In the course of my profession as a nurse, I had to make me think about how I deal with it.

The first Attempts to deal with Stress

By the time I took over in 2013, a station line was past the time I wanted to, everything was able to discuss at work, stress with my colleagues, and was allowed to. An enormous pressure weighed suddenly upon me and I began to run. To run a lot. I walk ever since I was 14 years old, so eight to ten kilometers at a stretch. Once, sometimes twice a week. To tension, questions, unresolved work and to get rid of, often, frustration and anger, I ran more and more often directly from work, my run round after at home. The first ten kilometers, then more and more often, 16 kilometers, and I arrived at 40 to 60 kilometres per week.

Asclepius, as an employer, and a sports club?

In the context of workplace health promotion Asklepios has developed since a few years special deals for employees. Depending on the clinic, very Different. In the hospital in the North of the are, for example, support in Smoking cessation, Pilates, Badminton, Sing in the choir, and a running group. So far, I was a single female runner. But the longer my commute, the more boring it was to me while running. So our Sport has me – and movement therapist can easily motivate to run on Tuesdays at 16.30 with the group.

Competitions for the company

Competition stimulates business. I have to admit, the fit, because what does that have to do to Run it with my actual activity? Not a lot of. It’s still fun to compete. At this point, Asclepius advertises regardless of the Offers of health promotion with the participation in Running competitions. In Hamburg, the HSH Nordbank Run four kilometres every June in the port city and the B2Run about six kilometers in July in Hamburg’s Volkspark. For me, the B2Run is just the course of the year, I like the length of the route, and the first race was a competition in my life. With the 3. Place of women in 2015, it is also one of the most successful runs for me.

Operation sports organized Amateur sports

At the Moment my personal project, but this is not so. Since October of this year, in addition to the Asklepios Klinik Altona is also interested in the Asklepios clinic North in runs, of the Hamburg company sport Association. I have the Asklepios clinic North in BSV Hamburg for the division of athletics to register. In addition to football and chess, it is the third registered discipline. The first race I’ve already completed and am delighted by the casual atmosphere there. I will continue to report, but who now has been of interest in the Run, you can feel free to contact me.

Photo: Unsplash /Emma Simpson