colds help – which home remedies really

Erkältungen – welche Hausmittel wirklich helfenA common cold is often associated with unpleasant side effects. Home remedies can help relieve these symptoms. We present five different ways, from the grandmother already knew.

Method 1: Onion Syrup

In the case of cough onion syrup is a good choice. The contained in the onion essential Oils have in connection with the preparation of the syrup used honey a germicidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Onion syrup can be easily made. Two to three onions, peeled and cut into small cubes. In a jar with a screw cap, these bulbs are covered pieces with plenty of honey. After some time, a liquid is formed in the glass. One to two tablespoons of this onion syrup can be taken daily. Infants should receive during their first year of life no honey. It is also possible to use sugar instead of honey for the production of the syrup. However, honey is more effective because it contains enzymes, anti-inflammatory and germicidal effect. The Syrup jar is kept in the refrigerator. The shelf life is a few days.

Method 2: Neck Wrap

Wrap to support the immune system. For the treatment of acute neck cold wraps are recommended pain. In the case of neck pain, persist for longer, should get warm wrap. Known winding of the quark wraps, and the potato wrap.

Quark winding

Quark compresses have an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving effect. A Quark compresses can pain in the neck, but also in the agonizing, long-lasting cough can be used.

For the preparation of the coil for the neck the room a warm Quark is deleted about half a centimeter thick on a linen cloth or a compress. Then the edges are hammered. It is produced in the Form of a package. For the relief of symptoms in coughs of the winding is heated to room temperature. This is, for example, with a hot water bottle. Thereafter, the curd wrap can be placed on the chest.

Potato wrap

Two to three potatoes are crushed and put on a cloth spread. Then the cloth is folded to a packet. Before the winding on the aching neck is placed, it should be checked on the forearm, whether the potato wrap has the right temperature. The neck wrap can be used for a long time, until it is warm.

Method 3: Gargle

For sore throat gargle with sage or chamomile tea, as well as with salt water helps. It can be several times a day and gargled with. For the gargle with salt water about half a teaspoon of salt added to a lukewarm water-filled Cup. With this solution for a few minutes should be gargled. Salt acts as a disinfectant and analgesic. Sage and chamomile tea have an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect.

Method 4: Inhale

Erkältungen – welche Hausmittel wirklich helfenTo combat runny nose and persistent cough is a suitable home remedy to Inhale. In the case of a runny nose, a chamomile steam bath can provide relief. It is also possible to inhale with salt. For the preparation of Inhalation of chamomile flowers or one tablespoon of salt to be poured in a bowl with two liters of boiling water. Now the head is kept over the hot water and cover with a towel covered. Ten minutes deep, it’s a should and be exhaled. In the case of coughing, the Inhalation of peppermint or thyme is recommended leaves. Children should never be without supervision because this could result in scalding.

Method 5: Hot milk with honey

In case of dry cough hot milk with honey. The cough drops. However, the hot milk should not be consumed with honey in the evening, because milk stimulates the formation of mucus.

Some varieties of tea can also be used as a therapeutic agent in colds.

In the case of longer-lasting complaints, it is advisable to see a doctor.

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