Clinical Case of medicine

Small clinical case for this weekend, kids ! It is taken from the editions VG and has been posted on Twitter by Matthew. Then saw that you are going to probably you bored because of the bad weather this weekend, I invite you to read it and to solve the concrete case. You have 15 minutes. And it is found under the image for the following article.

Cases clinical medicine

Then, you also the story surprised you ?

Back on the subject. In this case, it is a nurse of 49 years of age who typed the external service, extra marital relationship, of course. I would have liked it to precise the age of the external like… of course, unprotected intercourse within the service. How we are surprised that there are still some clichés when as soon as the studies, you are made to understand : “Vou don’t have to worry little guys, you will enter nurses” .

Well I do not know, I am a guy. But the nurses, you women, you appreciate what kind of statement ? Express yourself ! In any case, we still laughed. But still… still.