cleaning, care and handling of hearing AIDS

Reinigung, Pflege und Umgang mit Hörsystemen

Hearing AIDS are relatively robust and for everyday use built or designed. Nevertheless, a few points should be noted with care, in order to increase the life span of a hearing aid:

The hearing aid should be cleaned daily. At best, it sets the device with a dry and soft cloth, and the ear-piece overnight in a cleaning liquid. Special products you will receive at a specialty store.

It should be avoided at all costs, to bring the device into contact with moisture. Almost all hearing AIDS are not waterproof. This means that these should not be used while showering, Swimming or in the rain worn. The same applies also during a treatment with ultrasound, a CT or x-ray irradiation, as well as with the physiotherapist.

  • Overnight, the hearing aid should be stored in a “dry bag”, as this draws out moisture.
  • In the case of prolonged storage, the hearing aid should be switched off and the batteries taken out, since they may leak or be discharged. The batteries store in a cool and dry place.
  • Falls and heat are also avoided. Also hair spray and Make-Up can cause the hearing system has a malfunction and no longer works. For the optimal storage and Transport with a sturdy case, which it secures and cushions.
  • Prior to a trip, it is advisable to have the hearing instrument checked by a professional to make sure that in the run-up to any wear and tear damage can be repaired. It is advisable, for safety, a replacement battery pack.
The effectiveness of a hearing aid depends not only on the technology, it also requires that one understands himself and his environment.

The Wearing of a hearing aid is not much of Wearing glasses. If you get a new pair of glasses, you realize to an immediate improvement of vision. In the case of hearing instruments, it should be accordingly, so that also here an immediate improvement in the hearing is seen. Nevertheless, it takes to get used to the longer to a hearing aid than a pair of glasses.

In order for you to get used to faster Wearing of a hearing aid, it is advisable to wear this on a regular basis. After the familiarization phase, with the regular Wear, you realize hardly even know you are wearing a hearing aid. A regular dialogue with a hearing aid Akkustiker helps, the settings of the system individually to the carrier, to adapt and to optimize. Thus, for example, the sensitivity of the Volume capture and regulate.

The Adjusting of a hearing aid can be a longer process. After the device is properly seated, can be made to individual settings, the sound can be as precise and realistic sound, so that it is for the wearer pleasant. Thus, sounds from a distance of 100 meters with a well-fitted hearing instrument almost the same as without a hearing aid.

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