civil work – Good or bad ?

Last Thursday, the 15. July 2010, times have changed for about 10,000 (now) former long-term unemployed people from Saxony: you are now citizen workers. Anyone who finds a 6-month “activation phase” of the Agency, no new work, will be integrated as citizens, workers in non-profit Work in local authorities or Associations.

The goal of this Initiative is to integrate people, what a long time without work back into work. You will be integrated in different work areas. Many care companies see it as a strong competition, because a part of the citizen workers are supposed to possibly be for “light” care tasks trained and only a fraction of the cost, as a professional care service, with always up-to-trained personnel, which are equipped with exam and, if applicable, other awards.

Even the diakonia of Saxony is facing, this project is critical. It was a embellishment of the statistics regarding the number of unemployed in Germany. Furthermore, the diakonia questioned whether it really makes sense to subsidize work programs with taxpayers ‘ money, “probably more Low-wage workers” would bring. Similarly, there would be no new jobs, but only a new non-profit workers.

While a citizens ‘ working man earned in a month. 1080 EUR in a 30-hour week. These consist of EUR 900 “wage” and about 180 EUR social security contributions. In the case of a working week of 20 hours, and you get a 720 EUR / month.

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So far, half of all German job centres are involved almost at the citizens ‘ work. A total of around 34,000 citizens jobs are to be created. Ursula von der Leyen, according to the project is set to run for three years, and there are 1.3 billion Euro (nationwide).

What do you think of this idea ? Can the citizens prove, or just more tax money, etc. to devour ? Write your opinions in the comments of this post. I’m very excited! ?