Chemotherapy: how to cope with hair loss?

Hair loss is often one of the side effects produced by the administration of chemotherapy. However, this treatment is essential for those who want to defeat the cancer. Most cancer scientists usually explain this action before any treatment to the patients to avoid the trauma. Nevertheless, there is always a solution to cope with hair loss to have on a daily basis a good mine. Although a large part of the patients prefer the turban, scarf or hat, it is also possible to wear natural hair extensions.

Ask a hair extension natural daily

There is a wide range of extensions with clips natural. The extension to natural hair as on might give you ideas if you want to get the best quality. You choose according to your tastes and needs. For a whole head, you will strip clips included in kit extension. They are easy to apply because with each clip, you will have a band siliconnée with a fixing remarkable. You just need to put an a at the top of each clip. It is important to know that extensions natural bring out the beauty in the natural. You’ll be brand new by the adopter in daily life or during a special event.

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What type of extensions to choose ?

You will be able to change their mind at any time with extensions. If you hesitate for the length, it also offers the length and weight desired. You will indeed have extensions a bit more short or moderately long. The quality of the hair is also to choose from, since you can have extensions curled, straight, or curly. You will also have a great choice of colour according to your complexion and your preferences. The natural extension can also be repositioned up to the obtaining of the necessary volume. The hair extensions are suitable for all types of hair.

You will not even need to go to the hairdresser to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. You will at the same time the trend of the moment without losing time since the installation of these extensions is rapid. They hide the imperfections of your hair and will give you at the same time a look that is radiant, that will help you fight cancer.

How to maintain the extensions ?

Knowing that the hair extensions are natural, they are easy to maintain. You will not need to search special products for their treatment. Made as if they were your own hair. Wash it off with delicacy. You can use your moisturizing care usual so that they can keep their initial structure and to ensure that they last even longer. If you need the hair, choose the brush extension or a mini straightening iron to the utmost care. You will see that you’ll have no difficulty wearing hair extensions natural. On the contrary, you will only have benefits, especially during chemotherapy. You will be another person just by looking in the mirror. So, be daring and opt for the extensions to natural hair for a perfect look.