cesarean section (Sectio Cesarea)

As of yesterday evening, a nice “documentation” on the Tv channel “SuperRTL” delivery showed up for me the question of why the “Emperor’s cut”, which means the birth of babies, actually, so, what’s his name ?! I’m pretty sure that there are other people asked themselves that question many times, but no answer knew.

Why is it called “caesarean section” ?

With the word cesarean section is the surgical birth of a baby.

The Name of this surgery is called cesarean section, because one of the most famous Roman characters, accurate, Mr Gaius Julius Caesar by such a birth measure in the light of the world, was born. The Name Caesar means in the new international translates “Emperor”. So it came to designate “Emperor cut” ?

Reasons for a cesarean section

Reasons for a cesarean section, so the “operative birth” of a child can be, among other things, the following:

  • A narrow pelvis of the mother, or a large child
  • A “false position” of the child to the birth canal
  • Contractions weakness of the mother
  • Health risks of the mother / baby (for example, umbilical cord is around the neck of the child)
  • The expressed desire of the mother (The survivors, the scar is seen as a Proud and “worn”)