caution: ticks!

Everyone knows them: The Fearsome tick (blood sucker). Hardly a Winter can harm these creatures, so that they appear again in the first warm months of the year, and you are looking for your “favorite beverage”.

Annually, approximately 60,000 to 80,000 people in Germany suffer from the nationally occurring disease.

What is Lyme disease ?

Lyme disease is an infectious disease that is caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium . Every Organ can be affected, the nervous system, the joints and the tissue. This disease occurs in humans and all other mammals and in birds.

For Lyme disease yet), there is no reporting obligation in Germany (. Also no vaccinations. The majority of Lyme disease cases were treated with antibiotics. The only and thus most important requirement is that the Lyme disease was detected in a timely manner. A typical Symptom of the “famous” red skin ring around the bite and injection site. So you should go is better than too little to the doctor.

By what Lyme disease is transmitted ?

Lyme disease is transmitted to 97% of the wood tick, a tick species. The remaining 3% falling to mosquitoes and horse-brakes. The transfer duration is approximately 8 to 12 hours after the bite or puncture of the Exchanger.

For more detailed information about Lyme disease on Wikipedia

How to prevent “tick bites”?

The most effective variant, tick bites, and Sticke to prevent it, to wear in the forest and in the garden a long time clothes. Similarly, rubber boots are recommended on the feet, which protect thanks to their “size / length” part of the leg. In addition to the long clothing and rubber boots, a light head covering recommended. Light colored clothing facilitates the ticks to locate “prey”, which is why darker clothing is safer.

Who wants to be on the safe should be in a pharmacy for advice. There are a few agents which increase the insect and thus tick protection. In addition to all other protective measures you should not carry out their campaigns in high-risk locations and plan.

After each walk in the forest you should search his body thoroughly. Popular locations of the ticks are, among others: hair / head, neck, Achselhölen, backs of the knees and, if applicable, under or in stockings. Furthermore, a full vaccination mepfiehlt against TBE.