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In-Depth Salary Negotiation Tactics (Ep. 52)

Want to increase your chances of landing an amazing job right out of college – and maybe even negotiate a higher salary? I met Jim Hopkinson when I went to Portland for the World Domination Summit last summer, and as we chatted at a meetup I found out that he’s an expert in the field […]

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5 Active Reading Strategies (And How I’m Applying Them)

Active reading is simply a means of reading a book with the deliberate intent to learn and apply something from it. In my last video on reading textbooks, I compared your textbooks to an art museum. These places are filled to the brim with sculptures, paintings, medieval weaponry, and silent guards who you’re just are judging you […]

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6 Classes I Would Force Every College Student To Take

Over the years, I’ve heard people spout tons of pretentious statements like, “Oh my god, the Analysis of Native American Women Who’ve Fallen Off The Eiffel Tower class I’m taking is . Everyone should be required to take it.” I’ve always scoffed at statements like this; for most of my high school and college career, the idea […]

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How to Build a Diverse Skillset (Ep. 9)

A couple years ago, I got involved with this thing called The Million Dollar Blog Project. Started by Corbett Barr (one of my personal heroes), the project was an attempt to help starting bloggers post their progress, keep each other accountable, and collectively make one million dollars through online entrepreneurship. Now, not to toot my […]

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In-Class Learning Vs. Self-Education (Ep. 10)

Contrary to what all you binary aficionados may think, this is episode #10 of the College Info Geek podcast! Double digits, friends. We did it. Now let’s start the long march to three digits, and, possibly, insanity. Going into the production for today’s episode, my brain was set to “argue” rather than “interview”. However, despite […]

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