caregivers in a legal sense

Supervisor(interior) are persons in the legal sense, which are appointed by the competent guardianship court (the district court). Legal and / or volunteers provide the important finances (e.g. payment of care places) by people, which are not (or no longer) can, this on its own, because the accountability is missing. Furthermore, managers and care court to form a guardianship. You decide things which could be useful for the concerned clients, at the best, and things which correspond to his (earlier) sense of the word. The legal basis for this, the Paragraph in 1896, the German civil code regulates.

The tasks of the supervisor(s) can often be very diverse. You will be tasked, among other things, and empowered to create a suitable and age-appropriate living situation of the client and to allow. In addition to a lot of practical work you need to do at least double the amount of paperwork. The regular visits to the doctor, to hear and are always with advice and act to the side – Strictly under the eyes of the respective court.

Carers be means to bear a lot of responsibility!

Caregivers must always take care that you decide everything in the interests of your clients and emotionally not in the individual case.

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