care of the alphabet: S, such as stroke

Every year around 250,000 people in Germany suffer a stroke, and care are in the worst case needy. Thus, the stroke is in the industrialized Nations, the third most common cause of death

What is a stroke?

Pflegealphabet: S wie SchlaganfallAs a stroke is referred to a more than 24 hours, persistent disorder of brain function and its consequences. It is brought about by a sudden circulatory disorder in the brain, which leads to an under-supply with oxygen and nutrients in the Form of glucose and thus to the death of brain tissue.

The affected area of the Brain can no longer meet his duties by the under-supply. Depending on how long the supply lasts, the impairment can last permanently, since the brain cells die in this area.

A stroke can be present as cerebral infarction (ischemic infarction) due to a vascular occlusion, e.g. due to a blood clot. Or cerebral hemorrhage (intracerebral hemorrhage, hemorrhagic infarct), e.g., through the crack of an arterial blood vessel in the brain.

About 80 % of all strokes are due to a lack of blood supply.


Pflegealphabet: S wie SchlaganfallDepending on the Severity of the injury, possible consequences of a stroke can be paralysis, stroke, Vision or speech impairment to complete disability.

In the best case, the interference is not permanent and the lost abilities return again after some time.


Possible symptoms of a stroke typically occur suddenly and open brain area depending on the different:

  • Sudden unilateral paralysis or severe motor impairment in the Arm and/or leg
  • Paralysis of one half of the face, hanging down of the corner of his mouth
  • Numbness in Arm, leg or face
  • Blurred vision: blurred or double vision, temporary blindness
  • Speech disorders: slurred speech, long pauses, loss of speech and language
  • Dizziness and/or balance disorders
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Suddenly, at the end of a headache occurring, unlikely to yield

The suspicion on a stroke, should be alerted in any case of emergency, although the suspicion in hindsight, turns out to be wrong. Quick medical supply is in the case of a stroke the best way possible sequelae to be kept as low as possible.

Treatment of a stroke

Pflegealphabet: S wie SchlaganfallThe medical diagnosis has revealed that it is a stroke, there is a distinction in the treatment between cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.

In the case of a cerebral infarction is attempted, the blood clot using a drug to dissolve. This therapy as quickly as possible. in the ideal case, within the first 4 hours after the onset of symptoms. The more time that elapses, the greater the risk that irreversible damage to the brain.

In the case of a cerebral hemorrhage attempts to stop the bleeding surgically.

After the hospital stay, following close treatments such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy or speech therapy, to any risks of damage to compensate.

The stroke prevention

Particularly stroke risk, patients are at risk. To do this, especially people with high blood pressure, fat metabolism disorders, Diabetes, or heart rhythm disorders. Here, an optimal treatment of existing diseases is an important preventive measure.

Generally recommended to eat a healthy diet, sufficient to lose excess weight. Also nicotine and excessive consumption of alcohol include to get the risk factors for a stroke.