care of the alphabet: B is for beds

The care alphabet was not long extended, so I’ll do it today with an article on the letter “B” is again something New.

B is for beds

Not only in private life but also in the nursing home, the quality of the beds is a decisive characteristic. They are not only for the cared for Person but also for the staff is important, because high-quality and multi-functional beds make life easier.

What is clear. Hardly anyone will be able to enjoy in the nursing home, the luxury to sleep in a water bed, even if it would be particularly pleasant and relaxing. But, nevertheless, the bed for the caregiver should be comfortable and the nursing staff well.

Below I give a brief Overview of different bed variants:

Pflegealphabet: B wie BettenStand-up bed

This bed is particularly intended for people for whom getting out of bed is a major barrier. These people, it is actually only with someone’s help possible to get out of bed. A stand-up bed overcomes this barrier. It is (mostly) a remote control and can rotate thanks to electric motors, and even lifting, so that the appropriate Person is almost alone in the standing position, and the Stand works much effortless.

Pflegealphabet: B wie BettenLow bed

Especially in the case of the ever more frequently occurring dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is a

extremely low storage for reasons of fall prevention, especially during the phase of sleep important. There is not here the Alternative to a normal bed guard fitted to the sides, so that the Person falls out of bed, however, this is not always the best solution. Low beds can be raised, moreover, thanks to the electric motors to a normal height, so that the nursing staff can work more comfortably.

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Pflegealphabet: B wie Betten“Normal” Care Bed

A bed of this kind is probably to be found in most facilities. By remote control, the backrest, and often also the legs can be used to lift/ angles. Such beds there is with and without the trolley and also in combination. So the mobile is to be mounted under the set.

All photos on this page are taken from the Online catalog of the company’s mill Muller