care of dementia patients

(Guest post) The care of people with dementia quickly overwhelmed the relatives, because they often Know the needs of the patient are missing. With the right Knowledge and the understanding of the problem some of the expense and Worry can be taken and also the progression can be slowed of the disease.

Principles for the care of dementia

The care of people with dementia is significantly different from that of people without dementia, which is caused by the disease. A dementia is characterized by loss of mental abilities, which progresses slowly. This means that a dementia usually begins only with slight limitations (the independent living is still possible) and, with time, more and more skills will be lost (until the Sick finally, with the help of caring people can survive).

The symptoms can be very diverse, where the state of Confusion, but it is characteristic. Some people with dementia fall clearly visible back to Childhood, others are aggressive and feel of the families have been threatened. This requires an emotional stability of the relatives, because the Comments can be very hurtful. In addition, it is not a fact, especially in the later stages of dementia, the dementia patients recognize the members and hold them for strangers.

Basically, only a few caregivers should take care of the dementia patients, since the detection can be retained longer. Patience is a very important aspect for the care of persons: even simple instructions are not understood correctly and it is lost in the case of short activities quickly to the thread.

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Common problems in dementia

Many people with dementia are active at night; during the day they spend most of their time in bed, but at night you stand up often and walk around. If you notice this when you have to care for the elderly Person, then you should first of all ensure that this can not lead to a hazard. For example you buy a low mattress, so that the distance to the ground is reduced (and a fall would be no serious consequences) and remove all objects, on which one could stumble.

A very big Problem in the care of dementia sufferers in the diet: often the food and Drink is simply forgotten. Just a lack of fluids effect within a short period of time and can be life-threatening. Here you can make only one thing: remind you again and again gently to Drink and eat. This works in society and, therefore, you should take to the possibility of shared meals.