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In the case of a supplementary long-term care insurance is, as the Name says, a supplementary insurance for complementary care services. The social care insurance in 1995 in the 11. Book of the social law as a compulsory insurance scheme introduced in Germany and makes a total of 5. Pillar of the social insurance. Carrier care insurance, the eponymous “care funds”.

To hedge the risk of the need for care, the Social care insurance has the task to provide patient assistance, who are dependent because of the Severity of dependency on support and solidarity. As many already know, it is not cheap, if you have to rely on care by a professional care service and it is precisely here that the concept of care-supplemental insurance: There are many different tariffs on the market, which can plug with a little bit of money, the later large gaps, so that (if at all) only charges themselves must be financed. Unfortunately the market is quite cluttered, so that you should can compare a bargain and, above all, an important step in the direction of the (uncertain) future. You never know what the future may bring – is often attributed with the most beautiful things, but after a stroke, etc. the world can look very different. Even at a young age can be a heavy-care case or…

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During my research I came across the “insurance portal” aridos. The comparison portal Aridos provides an informative Overview of insurance rates.

Unfortunately, the Pension will be overlooked for the “older” often or simply not observed, so that it is possible to get in addition to a stressful care situation in addition to in financial hardships

More detailed information about the types of private care insurance, there are also

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