care competition: Can you measure whether it is well maintained?

Well, I asked myself this question last year, when it was called: I will represent the Federal state of Brandenburg in the Federal competition “the Best pupil in the Old – and nursing”. The competition mainly serves the improvement and quality assurance of the training in the caring professions. And he provides for recognition for this profession.

The story began in the Winter of 2017. My nursing school, the Heinz Sielmann health and nursing school in Lübben, took part in this competition for several years. Especially students from the second and third year of training are sent to the vocational school there. The candidates are pre-selected through a Test. You may then participate in the preliminary round, in which the representatives of the individual länder to be determined. This is a Test, in the of all over the place, everything from the care is requested. I made it to the finals as the representative of the state of Brandenburg.

Berlin as a Highlight, and place of the decision

Then it was so far. High all 23 participants from the Vorentscheiden of the early possession in may 2017 to the final in Berlin. There, they expected written, oral and practical tests . For example, nursing situations have been simulated – and then it was the technical Knowledge to correctly apply. Pooh. The Whole thing proved to be harder than I would have expected.

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Pflege-Wettbewerb: Kann man messen, ob man gut pflegt?

But in the terminal there was a “relaxation program”. We have explored Berlin and delicious food. The program also includes lectures and a visit to the Bundestag, including discussion with politicians. Exciting also is the exchange with the other participants in the competition. The experiences from the clinic to everyday life, tips for the bar exam or the differences in the training content.

The excitement at the peak

On the second and last day in Berlin, then came to the solemn announcement of the winners. The prices were quite appealing: space 1: a trip to New York 2nd place: trip to London, 3rd place: trip to Berlin. The ceremony was held in the Red town hall in Berlin. I never thought that I can put even a foot. There, I experienced probably the tensest minutes I can remember. The first 4 were. Places announced. All were excellent, the were one of the winners. Then the places on the victory podium, followed. Eager and excited I waited for my name. He then fell in place. The joy was huge and the memory of that Moment still makes me Smile.

Pflege-Wettbewerb: Kann man messen, ob man gut pflegt?

And now? What’s next?

Well, I started my journey. I went to Cologne, because I come from the vicinity of Berlin. And about me, and it was reported in the regional Newspapers. I was just in the middle of the learning phase just before the exam. Since the newspaper article for me were not an additional Motivation, and to stay on the Ball.

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Appreciation for the nursing profession

My conclusion for the participation in the competition: Yes, you can determine quite how well someone is able to implement his Knowledge. However, it does not mean that automatically a bad nursing student, who is taking part or not.

Who participate so in the future, the Option should definitely take advantage of the opportunity. Here school, can you see whether your nursing participates in the competition. If this is not the case, that would be an interesting suggestion.

A great experience it is all. In addition, the competition gives the nursing profession and to the education of appreciation that is lost in everyday life in part.

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