Can you become a nurse without an Atar?

Can you become a nurse without an Atar?

To apply for the Bachelor of nursing, you need to have completed your High School Certificate (HSC) with the required subjects and an appropriate Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or equivalent. The alternative entry point to becoming an RN is completion of the Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) Program.

What Atar score do you need to be a nurse?

For entry into a university nursing course commencing in 2019, the ATAR ranged from 60s to the mid-90s. When combined with another Bachelor’s degree such as midwifery or arts, the ATAR was often in the 80s or 90s for the double degree.

What is the lowest Atar for nursing?

ATAR-based offers only (semester 1, 2020)

Code Lowest ATAR Highest ATAR
513740 80 92

What Atar is needed for vet nursing?

ATAR and Selection Rank profile

ATAR-based offers only, across all offer rounds ATAR (excluding adjustment factors) Selection Rank (including adjustment factors)
Highest rank to receive an offer 85.60 99.95
Median rank to receive an offer 73.20 75.20
Lowest rank to receive an offer 56.00 67.60

What is an A in Atar?

In NSW, you have to study at least eight ATAR “units”, of which six have to be what are called Category A, plus two units of English. Category A units are defined as having “academic rigour” and a “depth of knowledge” required for tertiary studies.

What is a good ATAR score?

An ATAR is a rank given in increments of 0.05 between 0.0 and 99.95, meaning that a score of 75 puts you in the top 25 per cent of your state. This rank provides an easy method of comparison for institutions when selecting students for course entry.

What is a good ATAR 2020?

ATAR Entry Score University Rankings 2020

Uni Biz Ave
University of New South Wales 85 83.67
Australian National University 86 82
University of Western Australia 85.85 81.95
Monash University 82.25 81.95

Who got 99.95 Atar 2020?

Sariena Ye

Is a 95 Atar good?

Excluding the 8 or 9 courses that have an extremely high ATAR requirement, an ATAR of around 95 enables you to do pretty much all the courses that are available at University. This contributes greatly to your freedom of choice when deciding what to study.