Buying medicines on line : the precautions to take

Buying medicines online is a practice more common. Simple, practical, often less expensive, avoiding to move and to make an appointment with a doctor, this is the solution that more and more people choose.

But you have to be very careful, especially with prescription drugs, because the online pharmacies are increasing and few are reliable and do not hesitate to send fakes.

In France, this practice is very framed. This is why more and more patients have the choice of ordering their medicinal products subject to medical prescription in a european country.

What the law says French

In France, the law is very clear regarding the sale of drugs online. First of all, only the drugs that are without a medical prescription are allowed to sell online. According to the Drug Agency (MSNA), this law covers more than 4000 medicines. Those are allowed because they do not require the intervention of a physician either for diagnosis, initiation or monitoring.

In France, anybody can’t sell drugs. It is necessary, first, that the pharmacy has a storefront. It is necessary then that the manager of the pharmacy who wants to create a site for online sales of medicines applying for authorisation to the Regional Agency of Health. It is also necessary to notify the Council of the College of pharmacists.

And in Europe ?

Buy drugs online, even prescription, is legal in some countries in Europe but the terms and conditions of sale may be different from one country to the other. For example, the United Kingdom and the netherlands allow the sale online of all the medicines, even those that are subject to a medical prescription.

Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Sweden, allow the sale of all the medicines but it is necessary, however, that the website is associated with a pharmacy physical.

Most of the other european countries, such as Ireland, Spain, Belgium and Finland allow only the sale of medicines without prescription and the website must be linked to a pharmacy physics as it is the case in France.

How do I know if a pharmacy european is reliable ?

As we have just seen, it is quite possible for France to order a drug that is subject to medical prescription in countries such as the United Kingdom. It is legal but this should not prevent you from being cautious.

To be certain that an online pharmacy is trustworthy and most importantly, that it does not send fakes, several solutions exist. For example, you can visit a site such as who has reviewed the major online pharmacies.

It is also advisable to look at the users reviews and the various forums who can learn a lot about such-and-such a pharmacy online. If the negative reviews are many, we must flee !

It is also important to know that some online pharmacies european have a doctor who is available to prescribe a drug, but also to educate patients on such treatment or other. The online pharmacies that propose this type of service are generally serious. Especially that the doctor may refuse to prescribe a medication.

It is also important to be wary of online pharmacies that offer very low prices compared to the competition including. In these cases, it is often counterfeit.

And to finish, a online pharmacy european approved must have a logo that you can click. It allows you to check if it is approved by the General Council Pharmaceutical in the country.

In summary

Buying drugs online is authorized in France for the treatments that are available over the counter. Some european countries have permission to sell drugs that are not normally sold with a prescription but we must be careful and choose the right online pharmacy !

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