brochure, “Foreign household and Care workers in the private house of the VZ NRW

The consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has a brochure for 24-hour care, with the title “Foreign household and Care workers in private households”. We have looked at the brochure for our readers closer and also with the Verbraucherzentrale NRW.

The brochure is created according to Catharina Hansen, of the consumer Association of NRW as a speaker care market operates in the framework of a project funded by the Ministry for health, emancipation, care and ageing (MGEPA) of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Broschüre „Ausländische Haushalts- und Betreuungskräfte in Privathaushalten“ der VZ NRW

With terms such as a “Round-the-clock care” or “24 hour care” lure placement agencies for foreign domestic and Care workers often with full-bodied promises. What sounds for many people in need of care and their relatives, of course, tempting, but often the German legal regulations.

The Verbraucherzentrale NRW has compiled in this brochure what are the legal and other requirements are to be observed in the setting of a foreign power to the care of persons in need.

In particular, people with a need for substantial care over a longer period of time alone in the comfort of their own home. Therefore, the employment of a foreign household and care (nurturing) families – often from Eastern Europe – as a feasible way out.

But there are some risks exist in this case. Thus, the German labor law, for example. in fact, no continuous day-and-night-employment. Legal the employment of a 24-hour care is, moreover, only if taxes and social security contributions, either in Germany or in the country of origin of the household, and care is shown to be paid. As a proof of A1 can act certificate. “The A1-certificates are not fake rarely, so that the commissioning budget should always examine critically its service provider,” says Catharina Hansen of the VZ NRW.

The employment of self-employed care workers is estimated to be of the VZ NRW as “extremely problematic” because of the risk of a so-called bogus self-employment is high (see page 41 of the brochure).

The brochure is in our opinion very structured and oriented to the real issues of the members. So first discusses the correct assessment of the care and support needs. The following activities of the support forces as well as law & the law will be treated. Finally, the cost of a 24 are the subject of care and the criteria for selection of an Agency Agency. To get all the points the readers a check-list given – a great help as we find.

The booklet is free of charge in all the advice of the consumer Association of NRW. Under there are the brochure is also online to read. Ordered you can be on the Internet at For this purpose, postage, and shipping I. h. v. to fall currently 2,50 Euro.