book review: the nursing home!

A few weeks ago I received a nice little package. Inside a extremely interesting and, in my opinion, a very valuable book for the people, of what family caregivers provide “care at home” (unfortunately, I had to introduce it sooner, as I had recently started my exam).

Home care is a great challenge and brings a comprehensive change in the lives of all Involved.

The book, which is to understand rather than very easy “guide” to read all the possible topics for the optimal care of relatives at home. In Germany there are about 1 Million people who at home to be maintained and cared for. More than you had previously thought, even if it appears to be in contrast to the population of about 82 million people little.

In bookmark a topics jump out as needy an optimal environment for the care (care), as well as the maintenance Person to set up and prepare. To do this, you will receive tips, such as, for example, the bed should be, which is the flooring of the resistance is the most efficient, etc. In addition, you will receive valuable tips on the structuring of the individual’s daily routines, the handling of small “health problems” to more sensitive and empathetic themes. What is meant is “hospice”, which receives in the distant future an article of its own in care blogger.

If everyone wanted to help the other, so all would be helped.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Nursing in General is not an easy task, and certainly not the relatives, such as parents, children, etc., Through the rich experiences of the authors in both the Anthroposophical and naturopathic as well as in clinical care and medical “care at home” is a compilation, which facilitate the practice and understanding may deepen. Experienced care experts will help you with this book, to act correctly, to make the Situation and a good nursing relationship. Only Courage!

How you will cope with this task and make it a meaningful experience, shows you this book. You will learn to create a suitable environment and care measures. The design of relationship through communication and contact, as well as the prevention of complaints, for example, through proper storage and the structuring of everyday life in terms of nutrition or medication administration. The book shows solutions to problems caused by pain, where you can find help and describes how to use the risk of personal Overstrain may encounter. The presented maintenance concept is based on the Anthroposophical image of the human being and understanding of Medicine, and offers, in addition to the practical application of a reflective holistic level. It is the whole man.

By the way: Even in the case of the first exams for me, this book can help ?