bone marrow donation – How it works ?

Even if I (am still) not a doctor, I try to answer, of course, this question (improvements and additions are urgently requested).

How does a bone marrow donation ?

For a donation of bone marrow must be found first, a suitable donor Finally, it is not related to 95% with the receiver of the physical donation. For the determination of whether a donor is allowed to donate his bone marrow, it is necessary to investigate this approximately 2 – 4 weeks prior to the first donation, thoroughly, so that no cancer cells or any other “unwanted companion” mitgespendet during this Procedure””.

In General, the peripheral blood is used for stem cell donation. In this “process” do you gain the necessary stem cells from the venous blood of the donor. The blood is routed during the donation through a cell separator. The receiver thus receives almost the same time as the said donation. A real and direct Transplantation is carried out on the pelvic bone, where the bone marrow is the most is produced.

According to the body forms bone marrow ?

Thus, the donors don’t leave without the bone marrow, it will be treated with G-CSF. This contributes to the fact that the production of the bone marrow is faster and thus more of the Spendengut is made. The donor gets this treatment in “injection mold form” (similar to a Heparin – or insulin syringe) prior to the dispensing operation. Is given this from the doctor.

Bone marrow vs. spinal cord

It often happens that many people bring the spinal cord with the bone marrow donation. The bone marrow is a Blood-forming tissue. The spinal cord is an important and indispensable part of the nervous system. The spinal cord must not be donated / transplanted.

What is a bone marrow donation do ?

A blood-Stamzell or bone marrow donation, today is the first choice of therapy against leukemia (blood cancer) or other congenital immune defects. These diseases are usually fatal. A matching donor had been found, according to statistics, just under 1 million donation from willing people. Siblings and parents are suitable, in spite of high user related and only rarely as a donor. Thus, the greater the number of the register to the donor, the greater the chances for the recipient.

Who and how can you be a donor ?

Every “healthy” person over the age of 18 to 55 years can be as a donor, check, and register. For the compatibility of a blood stem cell or bone marrow Transplantation, certain tissues must match in donor and recipient characteristics. In order for this to be determined, be removed approximately 10ml of blood. This blood sample is then examined in the laboratory.

A bone marrow donation costs money ?

Like pretty much everything in life, a bone marrow donation costs money. Most, if not all, of the donations will be run by volunteers or appropriate specialist clinics. Here, the prospective donor must of course pay nothing. The only thing that occurs, in most cases, cost is the “one-time” typing and Registration in the corresponding bone marrow donation files and lists.

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