Weapons of Influence #1: Reciprocation

The art of persuasion comes in many forms. We’ve been reading , by Robert Cialdini, and quickly realized it’s got far too much depth to review in a single episode. So today, we start our series on the weapons of persuasion — starting with the rule of reciprocation. You’ve almost certainly participated in this rule […]

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How to Crush Job Interviews

For many, a job interview is the final challenge of your youth – the step that concretely separates you from your childhood as you leave school and head into the wonderful world of bills and responsibilities. Unfortunately, many of us still reach that challenge feeling a little unprepared. In a perfect world, being great at […]

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How to Go from Merely Good to Truly Great

Some companies are born great, but not everyone can be so lucky. If you’re decently well-off, but not quite Apple or Disney, can you cross into their world and achieve greatness? In Jim Collins’ , he tell us the answer is yes — and of those that made the jump, there are quite a few […]

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How to Be a Good Significant Other

If there’s one thing that the majority of humans can agree on, it’s that dating other humans is pretty cool. In one of our more recent episodes, we touched a little on this topic, but after quite a few requests it became clear that for whatever reason, people wanted to hear more about what many […]

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