bladder inflammation – cystitis

Painful it is, and women are affected more frequently than men: The cystitis!

Especially in the Winter, more prone to bladder infections, which is called in professional circles “cystitis”. It is caused by the infection of the urinary tract by bacteria. Possible, but less likely to viruses, parasites or fungi are the cause. The germs usually enter from the outside via the urethra into the bladder and lead to inflammation and irritation of the bladder wall. Physicians distinguish between uncomplicated and complicated cystitis:

In the case of uncomplicated cystitis are no other risk factors, unlike in the case of a complicated. A bladder infection in pregnant women, diabetics and immune-weak people are in favor of the increasingly Suffering.

If you have an uncomplicated cystitis home remedies such as are the keep warm drink in the lower body and much. The best bubbles are here and Nierentees, which is obtained commercially and / or in almost all pharmacies.

An inflammation of the bladder, to prevent, you should when empty the bladder is always loose: The out of the presses of the urine can lead to significant disadvantages, so it can, among other things, an “under pressure” in the bladder will arise and a certain amount of residual urine velvet bacteria in the bladder back to “suck”. After using the toilet, you should wipe in women is always “on the front (Vagina) to the back (Anus)” to prevent bacteria from the Anus into the urethra. The “hold / restrain” of the urine should be avoided always!

Felt a bladder infection due to “burning” during urination and pain in the lower abdomen (often during bowel movement), as well as constant urge to urinate.

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