Black tea helps you to lose weight more quickly and without difficulty

Of course, you’re not going to melt like ice in the sun, but this drink could offer you this dose of mirth, as expected, in order to remove these excess pounds. As is the case for all weight loss, the scientists contribute their grain of salt with some studies, sometimes interesting.

Add a bit of black tea to your daily to lose weight

If studies are taken by the hair and do not bring any interest, others can tell you about the practices to be emphasized and those to be relegated to the dustbin. If you want to lose weight more quickly and put this evening dress as desired, the black tea is likely to become your best friend. His powers slimming have been identified by scientists at UCLA and reported in the European Journal of Nutrition. Of course, it is not enough to ingest an astronomical amount every day to lose 15 kg. The trick has its limits, because you would have to focus on your diet. It must be at the same time healthy and balanced while being accompanied by a sport.

The polyphenols in black tea are being studied with the magnifying glass

This combo will allow you to lose weight more easily, but, in order for the results to be obtained more quickly, the black tea comes to support you. The researchers were able to see that he was acting on the intestinal flora, and more particularly the bacteria that can be the cause of a loss of weight. The polyphenols present in black tea may change this amount, which would have a direct impact on your silhouette. A double conclusion could be made with this survey:

  • The black tea helps you lose weight
  • The intestinal flora has an important role

Attention, your gut flora should not be unbalanced

Some people think that overweight and obesity are favored by a diet disastrous, rich in sugar and fat. Of course, if you spend all weekend at the Mcdonald’s in order to keep a maximum of Big Mac, the effects on the balance will be devastating. However, other information must be taken into account especially if you are not at the origin of the excess material. The intestinal flora have an important role, because, if it is unbalanced, it will cause the overweight. Therefore, you don’t have to start a diet if you do the pamper not a minimum. Other inconveniences will be waiting for you as your immune system will be weakened because of these microbiota.

Now, you know that a plan will not necessarily have the desired effect if the percentage of bacteria in your intestinal flora is high.