Bezhalbare health without professionals?

So I just came to the article “dear Mrs Merkel, now the fun hole” of The Intelligence has, it is reported, wherein the “letter from the Chancellor”. The fact that the world talks about our country, that it is a wonder would be how we would have survived the financial crisis, the CDU is committed to a formation of Republic, in that the energy supply remains a long-term basis, and especially about the fact that the health care “should be affordable”, so that everyone can afford adequate health – no matter what age. But how is such a health should look like (later)?

The government tilts the financing of the three-year nursing training, whereby professionals are obtained to be a professional care and to ensure, at all. The “affordable” care / health are all well and good, but without skilled workers? Nice if you later your doctor can pay, but who are you on any medication to be administered, if this later can no longer, or go shopping, dinner, Laundry care, you as a people maintain? You mean, that makes all of the love and affordable doctor?

Tomorrow is our course for the Demonstration “is different – We don’t pay for your crisis!” – We have little professional talent, the result is that your care can later be guaranteed only poorly or not at all. What one brings as an “affordable” health?

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They are part of the Chancellor to show the Yellow card to The best Post!

More nurses are the country in need – currently over 11,000 Posts are not to be occupied… now everyone is 5. German citizens in the retirement age …

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