Becoming a medical secretary in a hospital structure

On our blog, we speak very often of the two professions which attract many candidates and many candidates in the industry medical, to learn the trades of the IDE (Infirmier(ère) Graduate(e) State) and aid-nursing(e)s.

Today, we’ll bring you another one that also recruits to wide spectrum, and it has also close relations with the first two mentioned.

Secretary medical, a business that is passion

Devenir secrétaire médicale dans une structure hospitalièreThis job is that of medical secretary. You multiplierez contacts with a wide variety of interlocutors. Whether it’s people from the outside or all the members of your team, you trade like a real turntable.

The job of a medical secretary has, however, several similarities with nursing. Similarities which place each of the two trades as a hypothesis quite credible professional conversion from one to the other.

Thus, the professional path that takes you up to the position of medical secretary to a doctor or a hospital can take many forms. In any case, you go through a conversion, or that you start in this profession by vocation ; there are many organisms that are capable of train you.

Choose the brand Culture and Training

Here, we have decided to present you one organization in particular, the private school Culture and Training. It’s been over thirty years now that Culture and Training form by correspondence of the thousands of secretaries medical. A know-how which place the institution at the rank of leader of the private in the field of distance education to the medical secretary. This rank and reputation are the fruits of three major principles :

  • A policy of accompanying the student pushed to its limits.
  • An ongoing effort to produce educational content in the greatest possible match with the professional reality that will future secretaries medical once in office.
  • A greater focus on the community of the students as evidenced by the page Facebook.
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Learn the business from your home and at your own pace

With the method of Cultivation and Training, you will be able to follow a training medical secretary (click here for more details), without leaving your home, and learning in quiet. This mode of learning is ideal for people who wish to learn the profession without that training is not to disturb their personal organization. It is therefore ideal as part of the conversion that we were talking about earlier, or for all people wishing to preserve their family life.

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