basic security – What is it?

Grundsicherung – Was ist das?The basic fuse is also called minimum security. With the basic security is ensured, that the citizen is financially able to Finance his living. It is formulated formally, a social performance in order to keep the position of the own life old. If the height of on their own, so their own income is not possible, helps the state. For several years, the two in Germany is divided: on the one hand, as basic security benefits for job-seekers, on the other hand, in the event of retirement, incapacity and as a help to the living. For the needy citizens, it is difficult or hardly possible to detect at a first time, means that these separations, and especially to know what to apply for in which authority. While the basic provision for jobseekers is referred to in the use of language with resin IV, is the other Form of basic security, a basic benefit of social assistance. You want to avoid poverty, even poverty in old age, illness or need for care.

The basic security must be applied for in contrast to social assistance. The social services Department of the County or the city, there is a basic backup office, and the help the needy helped, as soon as he logs on to his municipality or city administration personally. In practice often only in the more detailed application process, which can expect the help of the applicant; whether it is the basic security, or social assistance. Basic security in old age will not be granted from the sixty-fifth year of life, when the old-age pension reaches the level of basic security, or if no age pension entitlement. The amount of the basic backup is determined from the monthly standard rate for the Person or persons. He is the first Person in about three hundred and seventy Euro, for the spouse, respectively, of life partners, about forty euros less. Add to that the fixed reasonable cost for the property including heating. In the illness, or Care, what is often the same, may be requested on a separate request a one-time or regular more necessary. Basic information can also be found in the guide to the issue of entitlement to basic social security.

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It applies in General that the old, the sick and people in need of care according to the basic law, a legal entitlement to support, and thus also on basic security. You must only assert. This is not Asking or Begging, as it is in this age group wrongly again and again is felt. The state, therefore, the municipal authority must know first about it. The government employees are consistently helpful, because it is your job and your career, to help the needy. This is also done, but the Situation must be known.

Against this Background, the everyday life of many older people who are sick or in need of care, make them more enjoyable. You can afford a little more, without having to spend your own money.

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Grundsicherung – Was ist das?

Grundsicherung – Was ist das?

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