barriers in education


In this Blog I want to highlight some things from my subjective perspective, which can be during the training demotivating.

I want to scare anyone. For me, a nurse is and will remain health and nursing is a great profession. My education, I have completed almost one and a half years, has been fun, and I haven’t regretted it. But you should know, which may include the training also.

Black sheep among the trainers

Both in theory and in practice, on the Station there are always some colleagues, every day the first place in the category “Null-Bock-to-work” to secure. This is not so bad, everyone has days like this. But often the Motivation and commitment suffers as a result.

In theory, it seemed that teachers were unprepared in the classroom, obscure languages, or desperately tried to defend their authority and were overwhelmed. These teachers have brought even the most motivated students to be in their uncomfortable chairs, and to hang for the Rest of the day staring caved into the Void.

I don’t want to be unfair, I’ve learned, in theory, also a lot of good and dedicated teachers know that well-prepared and confident to teach. But there were also the above described hours, and since I had to be alone with me then by biting.

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Actually, it makes it different!

Between theory and practice are worlds apart. This sentence, and I have, countless times hear. In theory, under academics, practice-relevant topics – and, as it ideally should be. At the Station Mr ideal conditions, but lack of staff, lack of materials and lack of time, however, to have rarely. So it is that we have the Knowledge about optimal care to acquire trainees to us in theory, and it is then also highly motivated in the practice. But what happens? If I take the time necessary to maintain, for example, demented elderly patients in the morning so that he is not overwhelmed and feels comfortable, it may happen that to me the colleagues criticize, because I’m working too slowly.

Work marathon

Due to staff narrow it was during my training that on some stations the number of health and nurses was missing. Then it was that we had to leave trainees our actual Station, on a foreign Station, with strangers, colleagues and patients to help out. On such a day, I learned: a patient-run ring that distributed food, food collection, coffee to distribute coffee to collect. Or you will go from a human to a washing machine: The whole day on a geriatric ward from room to room and the patient in the care of the body. For hours and hours. Alone.

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Such days You will demotivate, frustrate and power costs. But if You hold on, You’re well on the exam and prepare test and then finally taking Your exam certificate in the hands, You can be proud of You and have the opportunity to work in an exciting and especially meaningful work!

And important: Then you’re doing it better and help the trainees with whom You work after Your graduation, you will have to overcome less obstacles in their education. So how do I do it on a daily basis. The then it is up to You!

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