back pain : the main causes and solutions for the relieve

Electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, computers) have changed our habits of life. In effect, they occupy our daily lives. We are addicted because we find that they facilitate our lives. However, this dependence at a price : the sedentary lifestyle.

A body that is not expended, is a body that will encounter many problems : obesity, problems, cardio-vascular, back problem… back pain is considered as the evil of the century. The causes are multiple : poor position, bedding, obsolete, and obesity. However, there are several solutions to prevent and reduce back pain.

The main causes of back pain

The back pain is a pain affecting millions of French. In fact, this pain is the 2nd cause of consultation at the gp. Here are the main causes of back pain :

The sedentary lifestyle

In the past, we linked the sedentary lifestyle of the elderly. Now, it strikes a person in two. This mode of life is more and more widespread. In fact, the main cause of the inactivity is the new technology. The man moves less and stays more connected to their screens.

Bad things

The back pain can be caused at work by a wrong gesture. For example, when you lift a cardboard box and you make a gesture that is inappropriate, you will risk to have a lumbago.

Poor posture in a seated position

The employee 2.0 office 6h to 8h per day sitting. Some, do not take the time to take breaks, and others think they adopt the correct posture as they find that they are sitting comfortably. However, these positions did they good for health ?


Obesity is a common problem related to the back pain. The extra weight deteriorates abruptly the intervertebral disc. It increased in a second time the joints. Result, obesity causes muscle relaxation.

Bedding outdated

You have back pain after you wake up ? Your bedding is of very poor quality or obsolete, that is, your sleep position is not good.

Preserve his or her back : the solutions

In order to avoid any back problem, it is important to preserve and build muscle. Here are a few tips

The practice of a sport activity

The human body needs to move and spend. This is why it is necessary to practice a little sport. In fact, the practice of sport brings many benefits : weight loss, improves breathing… For a start, you can do the fast walking. Perform 30-minute sessions. You can also go swimming or try yoga sessions to improve flexibility.

A healthy diet

To reduce the evil back, it is important to change their lifestyle. In effect, this means a balanced diet. To decrease the inflammation, meals should be varied. Generally, they should contain vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. On the other hand, some foods are banned. Example : the food contained too much sugar : candy, soda, cakes…

Invest on ergonomic furniture

The ergonomic seat is a material that is promoting the productivity and well-being. Unlike a classic chair, the ergonomic seat adapts to the morphology of its user. It includes many settings to avoid any problems musculo skeletal. Other ergonomic furniture : the solution is sitting erect. This workstation encourages its user to change his or her posture. This ergonomic equipment also improves the communication within a company.