Back pain-nurses advise the yoga

The word “yoga” means in French union of body, mind and spirit. The practice of yoga, it is generally a concentration is performed on the muscles and alignment of muscle following a proper posture. It is this practice that advise the nurses to back pain.

The practice of yoga

The design of the yoga

Yoga recharge the nervous system and balancing the body through postures relaxing. Instead of stimulating the muscles, the idea itself is of the calm, which allows them to completely relax.

The practice of yoga

The practice of yoga will lower blood pressure and heart rate to increase joint flexibility. Thus, it helps to keep the endocrine system in check and gives a boost to the immune system. The yoga is suitable for all ages.

The board of nursing

The advantage of yoga on the usual medication

In fact, as it is a practice and not administered drugs to the patient, and the nurses advise yoga to combat back pain. If they advise this practice rather than the use of drugs, it is also because yoga reduces blood pressure, encourages the relief of back pain, increase balance and flexibility, rehabilitates injuries and reduces the severity of headaches. The practice of yoga has no side effects as the drugs prepared chemically.

When should you practice yoga ?

Yoga can be practiced at any time, but it is advisable to practise it in the end of the day because of the relaxing nature of yoga restorative. It is a perfect way to relax and avoid the stress of the day.

How to practice yoga ?

The first way of practicing yoga

Put your legs up against a wall. Lie on your back and your buttocks as close as possible. Keep your rear right on the wall. Stretch both of your legs for a few minutes. Lie in this position for several minutes. This position extends gently to your back of the legs, relieves your back pain, soothes tired feet and legs, not to mention quieting the mind.

The second way of practicing yoga

Stay on your back with your legs up the wall. Slide your feet along the wall toward your groin. At the same time, rotate the feet so that he could face one to the other while pressing on the soles of the feet. Allow the knees to move apart and turn the feet close to the groin area in a comfortable way.

Of course in you

You are not obligated to participate in yoga classes in a room, you can follow them at home as shown in the video below:

What do you choose ? Use the expensive drug with potential side effects or the yoga that is described in this article ? In all cases, for the evil of the back, and the nurses advise you to yoga, then visit a professional.