Aymeric Caron destabilizes Marisol Touraine on the cumulation of mandates

Aymeric Caron déstabilise Marisol Touraine sur le cumul des mandats

Saturday night on France 2, the minister of social Affairs, Health and women’s rights Marisol Touraine, was the guest of the show It is not lying, and he was destabilized in the face especially to a question by Aymeric Caron : “Why accumulate and mandates ?”. In fact, in addition to being a minister, she is also general councillor of the canton of Montbazon in Indre-et-Loire. She said then : “I assume, it is also a commitment and a form of fidelity to my constituents”.

Yes, but it was all in memory of the statements it has been doing on the other ministers, and especially of one of its own speech, where she said want to be “minister full-time ” when it démissiona from his position of president of the General Council.

The columnist drives the point home by asking him if “You find it normal to have a supplement to pay of € 2,500 for a job that takes you a few hours per month, while the average salary of a French is 1700 euros?”. Besides, we also asked if it is normal that she earns more than the caregivers who did not count their hours or are typing on the fingers if they provide vacations elsewhere to improve their daily lives, or respond to the rise of the daily life.

Marisol Touraine will reply ”I am in my department, every weekend, sometimes I even go there in the week”… Yes me too I would like to spend my weekends in a department that I love and that pays me a sum like that.

A pity that once again, the debate is not turned on the problem of nursing staff and their ras-le-bol face of a minister paying little attention to the white coats…