associations for the soul

I am a nurse. Felt I ever was. All of my teddies and also the Barbies I missed as a child, small white associations. Even my hangover, I put on that annoyed me and then dismissively looked at. Well.

Today, I work as a nurse on a Psychosomatic ward in a countryside hospital on the outskirts of Hamburg in the cracks. You know, you say hi, no matter whom one meets in the extensive grounds or in the hallways. I work right there. I would even say I have fun in my work. I have to admit that I work at inconvenient times, even on weekends and at night. But the contact to the patient met me. And my colleagues and I form a good Team.

The reader will ask at this point whether this is going to be a promotional event. Oh, no! I was asked whether I could imagine blogging from the care. Yes, I can! Psychosomatics is what I do. Since I know my way around, know how it works. Therefore, I write today about the field of psychosomatics.

If the breath and voice failed

Psychosomatics meets us everywhere. Do you know that? As a man sits a little in the neck and shoulders pain. Or something brings failed the breath and the voice. Sometimes is missing is something like a stone in the stomach and the appetite. Before the excitement of the pulse and the cheeks is accelerated blush. I’m sure that many people have experienced these symptoms and know.

Usually, the causes can be quickly found: A pending task is waiting for the timely completion of the work. The new swarm is so charming that no word in his presence. The last argument with a middle man is still not cleared and a reconciliation is not in sight. Of grief, and it can feel, as deep in the belly of a heavy back would be stones. There are also situations in which you feel insecure. Since the wet inner surfaces or fiddles nervously at his clothing. Doesn’t sound so unusual, is it?

The speaking medicine

There are, however, much more far-reaching symptoms and Suffering: pain syndromes, depression, fatigue syndromes, Burnout, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, adjustment disorders, stress reactions, Tinnitus and a disease management can bring a person out of balance. This Suffering I encounter in my daily work on the Station. Since I have to muster more than my white associations, which I killed, Yes, even as a child. The associations in the Psychosomatic, the so-called speaking medicine, envelop the soul. To frame the people in the process of its development, to maintain and promote, is a first step in the joint work. In order to identify what led to the internal imbalance. A bandage for the soul can differ in appearance depending on the Situation and depending on the Patient is very different.

Music videos as a bridge

Have you ever tried an air guitar dialogue? If no more words are found, and everything said is for the Moment, then music videos on YouTube can be an appropriate mouthpiece in order to Express feelings.

Sometimes I don’t know more in the conversation with the patient but also. I reach into my wealth of experience, and nothing helps. Because I feel helpless and wish I can have a small white bandage that relieves the pain, the sadness, the anger. Like Superman I want to be a super nurse that can do everything. Sounds naive and idealistic? But perhaps it needs just that.

Photo: Fotolia / ivan kmit