Ass in the air

I was challenged on Twitter to talk about ass. Yes, but it was mostly for an online petition on the shirts of the patients who do not conform to the modesty or dignity, and who have challenged several media, but which, I find, doesn’t have many signatures yet. It was created by farfadoc. Try a vision by a nurse.

Show me your ass, I would tell you who you are

That said this petition ? She shares these beautiful blue shirts hospital which are slightly out of date, unique size and open in the back, a few snaps up office closing.

We quote from the charter of the hospitalized person, the public health Code to report that the respect for the dignity of patients is a principle. Either, one holds to the principle of the person, and I find that the nurses and health care aides do just everything to respect the modesty of a patient. I think it’s pretty inflated to play on this part of the text where after all, everything can be inserted. You even quoted the code of ethics of physicians… Hey, it’s the doctors who dress the patient and decide to fuck shirt ? No. To hear some of it, in fact-we would not hesitate to fuck patients naked in their room and to lug around in the corridors in this state. It is strongest in France to enlarge the images.

Then, the petition cites :

Any patient has the right to participate in decisions concerning them. It must receive information that is clear and fair. It also has the right to respect for her dignity and her modesty.

Ok sir, welcome home, you are going to fuck a night shirt now for the duration of the hospitalization which will not happen until your legs and we’ll see your ass because we love it, the ass. It is clear and fair, no ? Will, the patient of course has the right to participate in decisions as you ask him if he has a sleepover and he will not even talk about hospital gown. Except it came from the hands in the pockets… Well done.

Another quote :

Rising and walking a little, the patient and decked out finds himself half-naked in front of his room-mate, or in front of the carers, cared for, families and friends, being at the same time as him in the hallway.

I want to say that it is a little bit true. But be aware that patients (or even some caregivers, moreover,…) usually do not focus all of the buttons, even when they propose to do. If you attach all the buttons, the shirt will fall to just don’t see the buttocks… well, you will say to me that the shirts are sizes unique, it is enough to be portly for this theory capote. Even if we added buttons down, it would still not… (And then argue about the height where will the next button then that one has other problems…), Some patients are uninhibited once in hospital I think, they wander the ass in the air in the hallway, they know it. I myself have experienced this kind of shirt being hospitalized, and I clung all the buttons and I was walking in the hallway with a pair of pants. And yes, you should know that pants are allowed below a such shirt… That is if you are being denied the right to put a low as you can bitching about the health care provider and remind him of the charter of the hospitalized patient. But be aware that it will not take you by the hand and tell you that you can slip into a pants, it is believed that you are able to think for yourself, we are witnessing already a lot of other patients.

Another quote :

We refuse to consider as normal the fact of having to forego her modesty, just because they’re in the hospital.

Claim ! It is not normal to give up his modesty, we all agree. But you as the patients know that they do not abandon their modesty, they not put the knife under the throat. Most of the time, the invites just to get dressed ! Yes, because we also we are tired to go into a room for a treatment and see comfortable naked on their bed, even preventing, you’re going to come their to make a care… Would rather a education of yelling at the hospital.

Another quote :

We encourage hospital patients to systematically report on this issue on the questionnaires of output that are often delivered at the end of their stay.

There I agree and I encourage to express all of that going on in the patient on this famous sheet. Especially the side that is negative for that one corrects this. Personally, I’ve never seen on the shirts during my years of practice.

Another quote :

We ask the directors of hospitals to take into account the respect of the modesty and dignity of patients in the next orders of shirts hospital.

I’m going to be nasty. The managers don’t care. The order, they do not, they control just the price. And yet, now they are recruiting engineers to target expenditure… Then buy it for the cut of a shirt, they don’t really pay attention. And this goes for everything, unfortunately.

In the reality of my life

Before you sign such a petition, you wondered what was happening at the hospital, you visited once with a friend and you met a patient in the shirt, where you keep that vision of your hospital stay 15 years ago or vision view in the sketch of the unknown ?

Because if I take the example of where I work, or even during both of my hospitalizations (in another hospital), here is what I saw.

We do not give hospital gown. They are given only to patients arriving without clothing, which represents 8% of the cases. In addition to the shirts, we give pants blue pajama for just dressing up. 5% will use this pants, the other not. So they are well aware that they strolling the ass in the air. I will speak of him however with them. Sometimes, these people are simply confused and do not know what they are doing. If we see a patient walking around the ass to the air in the hallway, he was invited in his room and he puts the pants. Unfortunately, if someone from outside the crosses, it will make everything on the amalgam and said that at the hospital, we walk with the ass in the air, the only image that he will keep and tell.

But why such a shirt ? Simple, I will explain that we put also some patients are really not well, or that will be perfused. I do not know if you realize, but we are glad to have precisely this kind of shirt to be able to undress quickly, make it pass all the sons of perfusion in the toilet (imagine if he had a tee-shirt or a sweater, it galèrerait with the infusions and they might even pull it off). It is also easier for nurses caring for patients who need help. Or even for the realization of certain dressings poorly located and may be of dirt, especially if you use copious amounts of betadine, it stains. Here you will say to me that the debate is there, that we prefer not to do shit that comply with the buttocks of the patient. Yeah ok, after all we have 30 patients behind to deal with. I put a shirt with a patient when this patient because of the temperature, and that I must urgently infuse, this is more simple in the overall care and it is the purpose of such a shirt. It is especially necessary to understand the use of this kind of shirt

After all this you will say to me thatyou recognize a good caregiver to your child in the look he has toward the patient. I can only imagine what you say about me… Yet know that precisely, the modesty and respect of the patient are indeed present. During my career or my internships, I have not seen so much ass in the air finally… I encourage my patients to put pajama pants that is available or to ask their family to offer them. It therefore respects the dignity and he was offered precisely to have the freedom to choose what he prefers. The asses in the air are a minority and the context of these people are quite different from each other to place the blame on the hospital that does not comply with the charter of the hospitalized patient.

I understand however this petition and sign. Bizarre seen my previous message ? My negative side of this petition comes from the fact that we should be focusing on other more important things as our hospitals are bad and the care services that talk about a simple shirt. Ok it is still important to the dignity of a person, but still… What saddens me is that it combines the image of the “ass in the air ” so that it is not whole, or of the view permanently in the hospitals. Then I the sign to see where it will lead and if at the beginning we’ll talk about it again.

It may be that some hospitals use it all wrong these shirts are fucking just people. Then focus the petition on these hospitals-there ! There are often audits in our hospitals, we should do an audit on the dignity and modesty of the patient with the shirt to have exact figures on the how and why and when is used this shirt. Not because of the petitions without number but just on ” what we know “, it is safe for it.

And if you stay fixed on that damn shirt, I invite you to create a shirt that would respect the dignity of the patient and the work of caregivers. The idea of the snaps in addition to, I don’t believe it. It was of bedridden patients, and it is so much easier to have snaps on the back when they are mobilized in their bed to care or toilet… Wear a patient is in bed for the strip of his shirt, etc… thank you the backs of the orderlies. The idea of doing the opening on the side, why not. I love this idea and would like to see it in real. It will really take all situations (patients in bed, perfused, care, heavy, etc…) to finally understand the use of a hospital gown…

Ah yes, during the discussion, one spoke to me ending up naked on a stretcher to go to the block. Yes, the shirt is not cotton but lightweight fabric. Usually done to comply with the’hygiene in view of the operation. Then on the pallet usually we put the sheets to not end up naked in front of the entire hospital and not to catch a cold, so it is very rare to see someone naked on a stretcher. Be aware that in addition, the shirt you put it on upside down because, yes, the opening must be faced, but we said nothing out of respect for you and your modesty. However, if during the procedure you fall into a coma or are in stop cardio, it’s just easier for us to access your bare chest to be able to you revive more quickly... Ok, ok, on one side my priority is to resuscitate not understand how am I going to remove your shirt, especially that no matter what type of clothing you have, I could do a massage and I would take my big pair of scissors to make an opening. Well, I say that, I say nothing.

The old grumpy that I am inviting you still to go sign this online petition on the shirts of the patients. I’ve signed it. Why ? Because I answer my own point of view. I know that there must be still a few diehards where you can see the ” asses in the air , “and that if this petition exists, it is surely not for nothing and responds to something.

But if you knew what we see on the budgetary restrictions, the hardware that changes to take cheaper, the struggle on the price of transport of patients (a VSL or an ambulance, why ?) and we get yelled at sometimes because we have ordered an ambulance, while the gentleman has always taken a VSL… Yes but the guy he’s not going to well and it needs to be lengthened but that the management does not see it and you yelled at them in anyway… Then we would rather see petitions for better support and to be able to treat you properly without thinking about the money. This kind of petition, you take it out usually when the hospital goes well and the care also. In the meantime, there’s other things more urgent… Or make a petition against the said hospital of such a region that does not comply with the charter of the hospitalized patient, it would be better.

Sorry if some people think that I didn’t understand anything or that I am insensitive to this note in the petition, that I don’t care so patients and probably that I have to deal with evil, then it is you that I had not understood…