are You looking for your path ?

Vous cherchez votre chemin ?

That has never crossed ? This delightful person who wanders the halls in the hospital looking at the height to best guess the information signs to better direct it. For some, the hospital becomes the maze of Disney park.

All roads lead to…

Today, she is here. Little lady with a cane that is two steps forward, three steps back, looked around. Go figure why we easily came to recognize a lost soul in the corridors. Or simply we must be attracted in some way…

I ask him then if it seeks its path. She told me that she comes to see her husband who is hospitalized here, but she does not know in what service. You don’t have to worry, we are going to learn. One phone for the first time the standard which has the list of patients and who can do an alphabetical search… It does not find. The attendant asks me if he has not a name of a young girl, big white solitude.

We are heading for admissions, we have a walk, she and I talking about the beautiful weather (or not). The admission to listing, the agent made a search and found nothing either. We ask what hospital her husband comes, she replies ” that Paris “. We look at each other in silence… I asked him the reason of his hospitalization, why he comes here, what kind of operation it was able to be, etc, having regard to the information provided, I had the choice between several services. I have eliminated pediatrics.

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It is distributed both in the corridors, I called different services to find out their entries of the day. A survey that was conducted at the two, asking a few times on the seats to rest a bit, talking about everything and nothing. She told me about life with her husband, of 63 years of marriage, you realize ! It was fun to hear, soft in her words, endearing.

After a few minutes, an elderly man comes to meet us. “Odette, I told you to wait for me ! “. It was the husband of madame. It was dynamic, well-wearing and told me that he was just gone to get a coffee machine.

It was then that I looked at Odette, down my eyes… and I could see her shoes.

He was escorted back in Geriatrics.