Are there alligators in Summerville SC?

Are there alligators in Summerville SC?

American alligators can live about as long as humans. They rarely grow longer than 14 feet. Around suburban Charleston, a 13-foot-4-inch gator was pulled from the Ashley River near a housing development in Summerville.

What is the racial makeup of Summerville SC?

2019 (est.) The racial makeup of the town was 72.1% White, 21.4% Black or African American, 0.4% Native American, 1.5% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 1.6% from other races, and 2.9% from two or more races.

How far is Summerville SC from the ocean?

about 35 miles

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Is Summerville SC diverse?

Summerville, SC is home to a population of 50.9k people, from which 98.2% are citizens. In 2018, there were 3.43 times more White (Non-Hispanic) residents (35.5k people) in Summerville, SC than any other race or ethnicity.

What percentage of SC is black?

27 percent

What is the racial makeup of Charleston SC?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Charleston, SC are White (Non-Hispanic) (71.2%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (22.3%), White (Hispanic) (2.55%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (1.88%), and Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (1.45%).

What percent of Charleston SC is black?


Female persons, percent  51.7%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  69.6%
Black or African American alone, percent(a)  26.3%

Is it expensive to live in Charleston SC?

While the overall cost of living in Charleston is 11% above the national average, various categories range in how much they fluctuate from the norm. For example, according to another index published by On average, families in Charleston spend a mere 6% above the standard on groceries.

Is Charleston a good place to retire?

There are many reasons to retire in Charleston, such as warm weather, generous tax exemptions, and an unbeatable atmosphere. The city offers healthcare providers, financial resources, accommodations, and numerous recreational activities for people of retirement age.

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What are the best suburbs of Charleston SC?

The Best Suburbs of Charleston, SC to Live and Raise a Family

  • Mount Pleasant. Located across the famous Arthur Ravenel Bridge, Mount Pleasant is one of the most popular suburbs near Charleston and most residents own their homes.
  • Sullivan’s Island.
  • West Ashley.
  • James Island.
  • Summerville.
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Is James Island walkable?

James Island County Park offers miles of paved trails for walking, biking, and skating, picnic spots with tables and grills, dog park, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, and more. Restrooms are located at the Park Center and picnic areas.

Where in South Carolina is the best place to live?

Where Is The Best Place To Live In South Carolina?

  • Mount Pleasant. Population: 91,684.
  • Columbia. Population: 131,674.
  • Tega Cay. Population: 11,335.
  • Fort Mill. Population: 22,284.
  • Rock Hill. Population: 75,048.
  • Clemson. Population: 17,501.
  • Lexington. Population: 22,157.
  • Myrtle Beach. Population: 34,695. Median Household Income: $40,525.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Charleston SC?

Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in Charleston

  • Riverland Terrace.
  • South of Broad.
  • Stiles Point.
  • Wagener Terrace.
  • West Ashley.

Is Charleston a dangerous city?

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — A new study by Insurify has ranked Charleston fifth when it comes to most dangerous city to drive in America.

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How many murders were in North Charleston 2020?

23 homicides

How safe is Charleston SC?

The violent crime rate is considerably higher than the national average (ratio 1.66) based upon 5.76 violent crimes per 1,000 compared against the national average of 3.47. This makes the state the 39th safest in the U.S., according to the study.