Are ob-GYNs considered surgeons?

Are ob-GYNs considered surgeons?

OB-GYNs are trained surgeons who can perform a wide range of procedures, including: cesarean sections.

Are gyno and OB Gyn the same?

Many people think OB/GYN and gynecology are the same thing. This is not true! An OB/GYN encompasses two specialties – obstetrics and gynecology – while gynecologists specialize in gynecology only. While a physician can have both medical specializations, there are differences between the two.

How painful is labiaplasty recovery?

How painful is labiaplasty recovery? Labiaplasty is not a particularly painful procedure, and patients are encouraged to be up and about straight away. Some swelling, bruising and soreness should be expected post-procedure. Most of the swelling usually settles in the first few days or early weeks.

What doctor does a labiaplasty surgery?

Both plastic surgeons and gynecologists perform labiaplasty. Though plastic surgeons don’t always have extensive training in vaginal surgery, they are highly skilled in surgical techniques of tissue repair for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

How long does it take for a labiaplasty to heal?

Usually, women return to their active lifestyle and fitness routines 2-4 weeks after surgery. It can take 6-8 weeks before the scars are strong enough for you to return to sexual intercourse, but check with your doctor first. A labiaplasty is a gratifying and effective procedure with lasting results.

Will insurance cover a labiaplasty?

Unfortunately, in most cases insurance will not cover or approve labiaplasty surgery. Insurance companies look at a procedure and determine if it is “medically necessary”. They do this in a couple of different ways. One way is to define surgery as reconstructive or cosmetic.

Will I lose feeling if I have a labiaplasty?

Because of this, you needn’t worry about a decrease in sexual sensation after a labiaplasty – in fact, you won’t notice much of an increase, either. In short, the amount of sensation that you feel after a labiaplasty will remain the same as it was before the procedure.

Can you be awake during labiaplasty?

For many patients it may less stressful having labiaplasty performed under local anesthetic. You remain awake and alert during the procedure, which also provides additional time to review the post-operative wound care instructions and activity modifications in great detail.

What qualifies you for a labiaplasty?

Being 18 years of age or older. Having physical discomfort while sitting, exercising, or having sex. Being self-conscious due to labial size or appearance. Having labial tears resulting from childbirth.

Can you pay for labiaplasty monthly?

You pay for your treatment over time in a series of low monthly payments. By making the minimum payments each month, you can avoid paying interest. Our CareCredit option has helped numerous patients receive professional quality care at our office.