application to be a nurse: to Invent nothing!

In my work as a Manager in the health – and sick care, the selection of candidates is one of my tasks. There are now more Vacancies than applicants, but, nevertheless, it is not, of course, to get to the place to which you are applying, also. What you can watch for, especially in the case of an application to a job in the psychiatry, I have worn from my point of view.

The Letter Of Application

You will have the opportunity to report to you on one of the many job advertisements. In this case, you should take in your cover Letter to the invitation to tender reference and a connection between you and the tender. Why apply you to this point? What excites you about it?

A further possibility is the speculative application, you are applying without a job ad in a clinic in the Department of management. So to speak, on good luck. To do this, I can encourage you only because it so often that the hospitals are happy to have applications available. You should also limit your search already, in what area you like to work with you? Because to want just any job, acts at random and indifferent.

In addition to the cover Letter, a resume, photo and examination of course documents. School reports are only important if you apply to a training course. If you are applying after the training in a different house, on a particularly positive practice reviews good.

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Pay attention to the latest pictures and a complete CV. By this I mean that you shall designate quiet also, if you’ve been to the school a half a year without any concrete activity – for example, you are on your career choice. So I have justified my life run gap. Invents nothing! The photo should be current. The other day I had a photo from the 90s. This has not made a good impression.

The Interview

Also in the interview, a good impression counts. Be on time, to be alone, even less stressed. The Morning shower and fresh clothes should also not be missing. Even though it may come as a surprise, as it is not a matter of course. So the uses for you in order to score points.

The more precisely you yourselves, your will can designate speed, and your wishes to the future employer, the better. But to the point. Be honest. A question we ask in psychiatry applications often: “do you Know your sore spots, and you know to deal with it, when a Patient hits you?” Because it is good, if you have made prior to the interview, thoughts about it. How do you wish a station to the line? Also after that is often asked. Only courage on the part of the answer.

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Your Own Questions? Always happy. I, myself, am in applications also so cheeky and ask for vacation days, and salary, if that is not already in the invitation to tender.

What’s next?

It is usual to agree, after the call observation dates. Don’t be disappointed so if there is still no firm commitment at the end of the conversation. The internship is intended to serve both sides, so you and the employer, to gain a better impression of each other, or to facilitate the choice between several possible stations. Here it is, less formally than during the interview. At the end of the internship – with us it is usually two days – you will learn whether or not you get the Job.

And now good luck!

Who wants to apply in the case of Asklepios as a nurse, you can look here for open positions. Speculative applications are online here.

Who would like to apply for a training place, please go here.

Photo: Katharina Voss