An apartment “dementia-friendly” to make

With increasing dementia it’s people harder and harder in his own apartment to navigate.According to Gerlinde Strunk-Richter by the Board of Trustees of the “German Age” in Cologne, most of the people are supplied with dementia at home, which is why you should pay attention to a safe and secure environment.

With a few hand grips, can be covered in a traditional apartment to a person with dementia to adjust the doors with the name of the room. So should be on the door from the bedroom too “bedroom” on it, as well as at the door of the bathroom “bathroom” or “toilet / restroom” on it. In addition to pasting / labeling of doors, you should drop any and all stumbling and other “dangerous” items such as glass cabinets from the apartment of the demented resident banish to prevent any injuries.

For the orientation of the Person concerned, should not “hang a few” pieces of clothing in the closet or a wardrobe, so this, this attracts all of a sudden. To find for a better Overview in the apartment, e.g. cups, glasses and shoes, it is recommended to Cabinet doors, Unscrew or replace it with transparent doors. Helpful for people with dementia, appropriate symbols, such as arrows, which facilitate, for example, the direction to the toilet. A night light in the main rooms of the apartment also simplifies the orientation.

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Because some people with dementia have a “runaway trend”, and want to leave (for a reason), the apartment. Therefore, it is recommended to paint the front door in the colors of the walls or to stick with the same Wallpaper, so this is not recognize as a door. Alternatively, a large black Mat in front of it or a curtain are attached. A black Mat symbolized in the rule of a deep abyss, from which you should hold dear. In this Work, one should not abandon, however, work clothing.

Still, there are few studies regarding and so too is the wall colors and patterned Wallpaper. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to as Warm colors and Quiet patterns within the apartment to the well-being and to increase the comfort of the resident.