almost a year…

And yes, I am back after a long absence. A life movement of both professional and personal has given me little time to speak with you and I have to admit, a declining motivation after all that. Now that I have taken the time to look after myself and make the point I raise so in this little blog nurse, who was one day to be a success.

But I note also that this also coincides with my new action function of ” that part” . Yes in a month, it will be a year since I took this position ! Then I told myself that I would write an article showing the balance of the year where there are a lot of things to say.

But because I would like to share with you, I invite you to ask me anything like questions ! On the business of the FF Framework, it is agreed ? I can’t answer you even if you will meet the great love in the near future.

So don’t hesitate, go ahead ! You have a month to ask me your questions in the comments and I’ll answer with pleasure !

Very quickly in any case ?