Allo emergencies ? This is me !

Allo les urgences ? C’est moi !

When you are in the emergency room, you have necessarily phone calls of families trying to get news of their loved ones or even want to have them directly. Then I would not state those calling at 7am in the morning when they wake up but rather what you can hear sometimes at the other end of the wire…

What you need to know it is already there is an average of 200 passages per day and inevitably, we are a great team. Each manages its patients, but some people think that one must be alone to work and we all know the world.

– ” Hello, I would like to talk to Alain ! “– Well Madam, Alain Tinrieur or Alain Proviste ?

– ” Hello, I’m calling because my dad was taken that night. “– Agree, but who is your dad ? It is not me anyway !

“Yes, my husband has been taken away, it is the fire brigade that you have taken. You know this is the one who is unwell, what is it ? “– Ok, that one who has woken up in a red truck raises his hand !

– ” Hello, can you tell me what it was my father ? “– Yes of course, I’m just with him for 3 and we were expecting your call.

– ” What do you mean it is not in you ? But tell me where he is then ! “You have tried the white pages ?

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– ” I’m in the er ? “– (Has to know that by picking it presents itself as an emergency…) can I take your order ?

-” Hello, I think that my son is here, he is 18 years old and I was told that the firemen had taken him. I am her father I would like to have the new, he lives alone and as you could see it has some history. He has already been hospitalized, you know. Good while he is there ? “– And if you give me the name of your son ? Not ? It would be so much better !

– ” My husband was take to the emergency room, he was 88 years old and he is called Mr Dupont ! “– Well madam, in fact it just happened. It’s been 2 minutes… – ” And he what ? “– (…)

And I will certainly but I am going to take note of it !