Agency for 24 hour care in the Test – prepares award

More agencies for Eastern European nurses on the market

Agencies for 24-hour care, there is always more. For family caregivers, the first is positive, as more competition means more choice.

But, consequently, it is also becoming more and more difficult to find the right recruitment Agency for nursing staff from Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, in Germany alone there are well over 500 sites of care agents for a 24-hour care.

What are the criteria in General are important, we have already performed several times in our Blog, here:

  • Recruitment agencies in comparison
  • Brochure, “Foreign household and Care workers in private households”

Popularity on the basis of the calls, and Search agencies for 24-hour care in the Test

At this point, we want to enumerate independent of a specific set of criteria, the 24-hour-care agencies, which were called by our Portal, visitors most often in 2016. This, we list in the Following, in alphabetical order – for the time being, without specifying the frequency:

  • actio Vita GmbH
  • Agency care at home
  • altdaheim UG
  • Care Of The Elderly Reputation
  • Care world c/o Maiwald and Steffen GdbR
  • The office of Mertens placement of 24 hour care forces
  • Care work for families and seniors advice
  • COLIBRI Seniorenbetreuung GmbH
  • The perspective of a GmbH Would be old
  • The Care Agency
  • Domaris Care Placement
  • Good Agency Raquet GbR
  • IDULO GmbH
  • YOUR care Agency 24 UG
  • Inpetto24 GmbH
  • Jacura 24-hour care
  • Märkische Senior Assistance – Katrin Malcher
  • de Hermann Duell
  • Pervita
  • Pflegeagentur24
  • Care heart
  • Care pilot
  • pflegewohl24
  • pflego24
  • Pol-Pflege24 Agency
  • Private Senior Care Germany
  • PROCURA-24-care mediation – Oldenburg
  • – Lagama GmbH
  • Promedica Plus
  • SENCURINA Auxilium senior assistance GmbH & co. KG
  • Senior Citizens Service Curita24
  • Senior Citizens Services Golden Autumn
  • SHD seniors help Dortmund GmbH
  • Somedi GmbH
  • Worry-free
  • SunaCare GmbH
  • Vilena care home

It is seen that the search for a suitable Agency for 24 hour care of a certain span is marked and after a lot of different agencies will be sought. The number of Search varies, however. For 2016, the other agencies are on the front seats than in 2015. This can have several reasons: new agencies will be added, some will be known, and thus is more frequently searched for their reviews and experiences in the area of the 24-hour care, other agencies stop their activities, etc.

This listing is a criterion for our awards/ Award-for agencies that we want to be awarded soon. In addition to things like Call other criteria such as the amount and the amount of reviews are included in the assignment or take the Test.

Currently we are in the design of our Tests, and we can imagine, in addition to the above-mentioned criteria, a differentiation according to the state, the agencies according to their primary activity of mediation (i.e., where are the Care workers?) to segment. This is an important point for many members and their father or mother.

If you would like to learn more about Care workers from Eastern European countries, as well as special requirements, you can contact with us directly:

  • Nurses from Poland
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Lithuania
  • Croatia
  • The Czech Republic
  • Romania
  • Estonia
  • Moldova

What is your opinion and assessment of the Award for an Agency for 24 hour care? We are looking forward following your comment.