AFi-KiDS – children explain what is Alzheimer’s

Suddenly, grandma is a little scatterbrained, here and there some traps, and forgets the simplest of things – after some time even the name of your little grandson. Not understand, of course, the world and you can hardly understand what is happening with your grandma. But how to explain to his children is easy, fast and understandable, that the grandma has Alzheimer’s and unfortunately, not more healthy? This task of the Portal to introduce the care blogger to you today.

Alzheimer’s is a disease, their Background, course of disease and symptoms is not well understood for adults often. But if we can’t often put into words what this disease is doing for a person, how to understand a child, what is Alzheimer’s?

This is precisely the task of the website Behind this project, the non-profit Alzheimer’s research Initiative e. V. (AFI), which is already since 1995 in the area of Alzheimer’s research and about the disease clears up. To explain to children in simple and appealing, what’s up with the mysterious forgetfulness of their older family members, explains to the website of the AFi KiDS children aged 5 to 10 years, in the comic style of Alzheimer’s disease and its pitfalls. The AFI is relying on colorful images, and the two main characters, Max and Katja with dog Bruno, whose grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Together, they discover how the brain works, how one learns, and what exactly happens in Alzheimer’s.

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By means of Videos, children will learn many important Details of the disease, to learn understanding for grandma and grandpa and their disease to develop and also learn a lot about the brain and its functioning.

In addition, the site invites you to the interactive part of it. Every child has the opportunity to send their own contributions, e.g. images, to the Portal, which are then published there. So many children the Chance to Express their feelings and own experiences with Alzheimer’s disease in their own way and to share these with other children – all with the prior permission of the parents.

In the tip corner, there is a month a new craft tip for crafting, which is available as a Download. If you like, you can get inspiration for common game afternoons with the grandparents. Here, for example, song lyrics, game instructions or little tips and Tricks that make every walk an adventure.

Overall, the site is designed to be quite colorful, but quite appealing. The Navigation is simple and clear, so that children will find here fast and easy to navigate, and a lot of New learning. Alzheimer’s disease is simply and clearly explained, and by the comic book heroes who share the same fate as the little readers, quickly creates a sense of community.

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But also for adults, the page is quite informative. The craft instructions and tips from the category of “experience” can just as well be used for any normal family in the afternoon.