Aesthetic Surgery in France: state of play of a market that knows no crisis

Aesthetic surgery in France : statistics

Without a doubt, the United States, with 3.3 million interventions per year and Brazil, with 2.5 million annual transactions, are the champions of plastic surgery at the international level. But with more than 14 000 operations carried out on a daily basis in france, France becomes a major actor in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Taking into account the number of inhabitants, the figures recorded in France are very high compared to USA and Brazil.

According to a study conducted by the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) in 2010, the United States, China, Brazil, India and Mexico are the top five countries in which cosmetic surgeries are the most performed. The figures also reveal that France is positioned in 14th place, just behind Italy and ahead of Canada. Always according to the same source, and according to another study conducted in 2011, the France comes this time in 9th position at the international level, just behind Brazil.

A Yougov poll of 2014 shows that the French no longer hesitate to request the services of a cosmetic surgeon in order to have a beautiful physical appearance :

  • 18% of French people take a nose redone,
  • 11 % a belly reshaped,
  • 8.4 per cent liposuction of the thighs,
  • 4.3% of the buttocks again,
  • 4.1% from a breast augmentation.
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What treatment is the most common in France ?

Many processes have been proven for years in the field of aesthetic surgery in France, as elsewhere. Increased by breast implants, face lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty…these interventions are constantly being developed to meet the needs of a clientele which is becoming more and more demanding.

According to study centres renowned, liposuction would be the treatment that is most requested and the most widespread in France and internationally. This operation of aesthetic surgery is, in effect, dethroned breast augmentation, which for more than 10 years, was the most used ; as evidenced by the statistics of the global survey of ISAPS updated in 2013 :

  • liposuction is in the lead with 18.8% of the interventions,
  • breast augmentation saves 17% of the operations of surgery,
  • the blepharoplasty is in 3rd place with 13.5 per cent,
  • rhinoplasty accounts for 19%,
  • the tummy tuck occupies the last place in the ranking with 7.3% of the surgical procedures.

Operations of plastic surgery : a solution to address a problem of self-esteem

One of the most important reasons that explains the current craze for cosmetic surgeries is the desire to have a appearance pleasant. For some people, a facelift or a breast augmentation may save a depression-guaranteed !

There was a time where one gives a great importance to the “seem”, to be satisfied with his physical appearance gives you more self-confidence and to correct a physical defect increases the self-esteem. The person, seeing that “beautiful” is now in harmony with his body and his mind.